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Arnica gel you are my new BFF. Yes, I’m sore, and yes, I totally anticipated it. Well, if there was ever a motivator to not put crap down your gullet, it is being unable to easily walk around to get the food… Pain is a great, constant reminder…

And that will be the last of my complaining.

I’m actually feeling good to be past the first couple days of mind games that I often play with myself- those little justifications of deviating from my plan to stay on track- you know, the “One can’t hurt” mentality. Yeah, that’s what got me here. I am so easily tempted.

Brief pause while I pat myself on the back for sticking to my plan for 2 days. Very brief, I mean its only 2 days after all.

I am making a conscious effort to stay off my scale every morning too. I have a bad habit of living by what number it gives me. My Bodybugg program only gets you to weigh in on a weekly basis, I’m going to go by that- I know the siren song of the scale may get me every now and then, but if I can resist temptation for a few days at a time- I’m golden.

Ideally, I’d like to feel comfortable enough to reveal some of my stats, but until I have accepted them (Or maybe more to the point – gotten as far away from them as I can) I guess random insights are all you get. We’re talking 50 pounds here people.┬áIt’s hard admitting I have a long way to go.

I have a couple goals- basically get smaller and faster- but I haven’t really nailed down the specifics. I’m thankful I have derby to push me to improve. I just have to get over my ego and take baby steps. It makes me happy to think of a sneak attack and coming out of nowhere though…

And so, I’m starting small. 10 pounds. Land training 2 times a week specifically for derby in addition to on-skate practice. I am going to be so good at Suzy Hotrods it will blow your mind. My skip rope bearings are going to get so hot they may just explode. That is, of course once I stop walking like Frankenstein.

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