I know that many of you out there believe in the law of attraction- and I may only hold on to my disbelief simply because of how much I disliked the art direction of the movie The Secret… ( I know, trivial, but so true for me!) But I often chalk coincidences up to chance and nothing more. I suppose one shouldn’t forget that given the time of year it is- and how fresh resolutions are in everyone’s minds, it shouldn’t be so shocking that everywhere I go on the Internet I find yet another article that urges me to commit to a specific plan.

I can’t help but notice just how many close friends are reclaiming this as “their” year. We are all at different stages of our lives- married, single, mothers, young, old, big, small… All women who are taking a renewed vow to seek our full potential… we’re talking real goals that require a great deal of hard work and many little decisions to make it all happen. I am comforted knowing I am not alone in making big changes- and admittedly driven by a competitive need to keep going, knowing that if I don’t, there may potentially be a living reminder in my circle of friends who has made it through to the other side… And I am not prepared to be the one left behind this time.

It amazes me that while I certainly began with a fairly good idea of where I was headed, as well as knowing what I want- that I didn’t take the time to set out more specific goals. I know this is partially to protect myself from the self-induced shame for not having followed through- but I believe it goes deeper than that… Unfortunately, I think it may fall into a self- sabotage category I often try to sweep under the rug. No specific goals equals no follow through.

It’s time to commit to some specific goals. No more wishy-washy “I just want to be a healthy weight”. That’s not what I want and I know it. Healthy weight, yes- but it had better be an ass kicking weight too. I want to skate as fast as the jammers on my team, and be physically able to jam more than once without having to sit out the next three jams. I am not wanting to be a jammer as of yet, but I do want to train like one. I want to do my hot pants justice. (I love that I totally went on a non- specific goal tangent almost as soon as I said it was time to get specific. I’m like a bird who is distracted by shiny things, c’mon, I’m female.)

I want to spend a summer in my backyard in the pool- and that means with everyone- not just my kids who can’t tell I don’t like what I look like in a swimsuit. Yep, this is a vanity thing, and that’s totally fine by me.

Vanity aside, the reality is that my doctor advised me to lose 40 pounds for the sake of my long term back health. Naturally, I took her advice and gained 10.

Having rid myself of 12 pounds FOR EVER in the past 2 weeks, that leaves me at 38 pounds to loose. Hot pants here we come.


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