88 keys

Did anyone else see that piano tied to my ass at bootcamp today? So sluggish, but I survived. I have a sense that I am gong to be super sore in a few hours. Serves me right.

I have a Lush peppermint bath bomb with my name written all over it. Thankfully, when I got home nobody else was here yet- I built a nice fire, boiled the kettle (neo citron take me away) and started a bath (baths take a multiphase approach since the hot water tank can’t fill it all at once I have to fill, wait, then fill again.) And now is the in-between where I impatiently keep trying the taps to see if the water has heated up again or not.

My bodybugg says I burned 1774 calories at bootcamp today- not too shabby, but I was pretty slack today. I am proud to say that when I started hurting I actually stopped so as to not hurt myself further. That cements the fact that I am turning a new leaf.

Today’s silver lining: having a nervous stomach about starting back at derby caused me to lose my guts beforehand. Yeah, gross- but if it’s the only weight I lost today, I’ll take it.






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